Studying at the LUT School of Business and Management

The LUT School of Business and Management produces our university's degree programmes in economics and business administration, industrial engineering and management, as well as software engineering.

The School's research and teaching combine industrial engineering and management, business studies and expertise in software engineering in a unique way. The School offers up-to-date information on sustainable competitiveness to companies that are competing in the global market. The School has staff of almost 200, of whom 37 are professors. 

Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration (in Finnish)

During their Bachelor's studies, students of Economics and Business Administration can either specialise in financial management or international business:

  • Financial Management (in Finnish)
  • International Business (in Finnish)

Master's Degree in Economics and Business Administration

Master's students can select from six Master's degree programmes in Economics and Business Administration. Two of the programmes are taught in Finnish and four in English.

The Master's Degree Programme in International Marketing Management has been awarded EPAS accreditation by international network EFMD as a sign of the programme's high quality. The Master's Degree Programme in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability offers students a possibility for double degree studies with leading Russian university, the Graduate School of Management (GSOM) of St. Petersburg University.

The high quality of both education and research in the Supply Management and Knowledge Management programmes are the LUT's unique strengths.

Students are satisfied with our degree programmes and praise the education they receive, as well as the School's open and encouraging atmosphere. Studies by the Finnish Business School Graduates have found that Masters of Business, who had studied in Lappeenranta were the most satisfied with their education. They had also been extremely successful on the job market, finding employment that corresponded with what they have studied.

Industrial Engineering and Management

Industrial engineering and management combines business, technology and management. The LUT degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management is the field's largest university-taught degree programme in the Nordic countries. The programme has long-term expertise in development of teaching and learning. Due to its development work, the degree programme has been selected as a centre of excellence three times.

Both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Industrial Engineering and Management have received international accreditation, and in 2011, they were awarded the ASIIN quality seal.

The Industrial Engineering and Management programme educates experts in technology and business, who will be employed by companies in industry and the commercial sector, as well as by public organisations. Graduates have a strong knowledge in technology, broad-scoped expertise in business and the necessary skills for developing and managing a company.

They also have the ability and will to work in an international operating environment, act responsibly and ethically and further develop and supplement their expertise.

Major subject for Bachelor of Science in Technology Degree:

  • Industrial Engineering and Management (in Finnish)

Major subjects for Master of Science in Technology Degree:

Computer Science

The degree programme in Computer Science educates both Bachelors and Masters of Science in Technology, who will be employed by industry. Bachelors studies in technology are carried out together with the degree programme for Industrial Engineering and Management, while students of Computer Science specialise with CS as their major.

Students, who graduate from the Bachelor's Degree Programme can work in software projects utilising their knowledge and skills in a versatile manner. Students who graduate from the Master's Degree Programme can head software projects and participate in them as experts in their area of specialisation.

The objective of the degree programme is to prepare students for continuous learning and independent study in the continuously developing field of computer science. Both the Bachelor's and the Master's Degree Programmes have received international accreditation. In 2013, they were awarded with Euro-Inf and ASIIN quality seals.

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