The facilities of J. Hyneman Center are located at the best possible location in the university: close to the main lobby and next to major engineering laboratories.

Protolab is named after LUT's Professor of Practice and Inventor Jamie Hyneman and it is designed in collaboration with Jamie Hyneman and LUT's experts and industry representatives.

"Have an idea and walk out with a thing."


The 330 square meters of total floor area consists of large group work space (240m2) and metal, paint, wood and an electronics workshop. Teams that work in the protolab can reserve group workstations and use JHC equipment and tools as needed. Access to the equipment requires the requisite know-how, but it is sufficient that one member of a multidisciplinary team has the necessary skills to use the device.

JHC provides resources and equipment for testing and building ideas. Supporting the innovativeness of students and giving them opportunities is the key task of J. Hyneman Center. Businesses and individuals are also welcome to participate in JHC's core activities in collaboration with student groups; either by providieng ideas and problems for construction or otherwise as partners.

if you have or your company has special knowhow or tools, that could be used in JHC, or you are interested in co-operating with JHC in any other way, please contact us!

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