About Lahti

Getting here

Lahti Region is easy to reach. The city is located less than an hour from Helsinki Airport by train or car, and an hour from the harbours of Helsinki.

From Helsinki Airport to Lahti in under 60 minutes

By train

The Ring Rail Line connects air and train traffic and adds ease and comfort for international guests arriving to the Lahti region. You can easily walk from both of the airport’s terminals to the airport’s railway station and stay indoors the entire way. You can reach Lahti once an hour on Helsinki Regional Transport’s Z commuter train. Also All long-distance passenger trains stop at Lahti. Read more

By bus

From the Helsinki port terminals, you can reach Lahti on several long-haul bus services. The fastest bus connection from Helsinki Airport to Lahti takes 1 h and 10 min – buy your ticket and check the timetables here.

Lahti Railway Station is located in the Lahti Travel Centre, which means that changing from train to bus couldn’t be easier. The Travel Centre is located only a few minutes’ walk from Lahti city centre.

By car

The Lahti region is along excellent traffic connections and easy to reach from all directions.

  • When arriving from the south, you will travel along the Lahti main road (highway 4), which becomes a motorway (E75). E75 continues past Lahti towards Jyväskylä.
  • When coming from the north, the motorway E75 leads you to the Lahti region. Main road 24 takes you to the Lahti region through the stunning scenery of Padasjoki and Asikkala.
  • When arriving from the east on main road 12, you will land directly in the city centre from where the road continues towards Tampere.
  • When coming from the west on road 12, it changes into Hämeenlinnantie when you enter the Lahti region. The main road runs through the city and continues towards Kouvola.

Traveling inside the Lahti

Lahti Region Transport (LSL): The bus stops of local public transport are located along Mannerheiminkatu and Vesijärvenkatu, which run past the Travel Centre. Almost all local buses pass through these streets. Lahti Market Square is the hub of local public transport.

You can see the timetables for Lahti Region Transport (LSL) in the city and surrounding municipalities here. You can buy a mobile ticket from an app you can download from App Store or Google Play.

Travel times

From Helsinki to Lahti

Helsinki (by train/by car)50 min / 1 h
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (by train/by car)48 min / 1 h

Flight times to Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport

Stockholm, Sweden1h
Oslo, Norway1 h 25 min
Frankfurt, Germany2 h 35 min
London, England3 h 10 min
Beijing, China7 h 35 min
New York, United States8 h 45 min
Tokyo, Japan13 h 30 min

Ferry trip times to Helsinki harbours

Stockholm, Sweden15 h
Tallinn, Estonia1 h 30 min
Umeå, Sweden (to Vaasa, Finland)4 h 30 min