The objective of the position is to disseminate and transfer practical information of current interest to develop education, build networks with industries, and strengthen societal relations.

All Professor of Practice positions are part-time.


Jamie Hyneman

Inventor and product developer Jamie Hyneman, also known for his work on the TV show MythBusters, was appointed as a Professor of Practice at LUT University on 15 November 2021.

Hyneman was awarded an honorary doctorate at LUT University in 2017. The prototype lab J. Hyneman Center (JHC) on LUT's campus in Lappeenranta was named after him. The lab is a place where students can develop new ideas and solutions to problems and build and test their prototypes. The workshop is open to all students and staff members of the university group LUT Universities.

Hyneman has been actively involved in projects at JHC since its foundation. He has weighed in on what technology to select for JHC and supervised student projects.

As a Professor of Practice, Hyneman plans to encourage students to be innovative and to support the creation of innovations at JHC.


Harri Koponen

Harri Koponen, M.Sc. (Tech.), has been a Professor of Practice at LUT University since 1 October 2018.

Koponen focuses on industrial engineering and management and establishing connections between the university and business enterprises. As an expert in digitalisation, he also promotes related research and education.

During his career, Koponen has developed ICT-enabled business both in Finland and abroad, and he has championed public-private digitalisation. Koponen aims to establish concrete forms of collaboration between businesses and LUT's experts.

Koponen is calling for the rapid renewal and updating of professional expertise throughout society, as Finnish prosperity stems from high-technology expertise and the business it enables. This can be achieved through training and life-long learning.


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