Heidi Piili

Heidi Piili
Mechanical Engineering
LUT School of Energy Systems
Laser Processing


Professor Heidi Piili, D.Sc. (Tech.), is working as professor at Research Group of Laser Materials Processing and Additive Manufacturing (LUT Laser&AM) of LUT University (LUT). She is also responsible team leader of 14 member R&D team of Laser Materials Processing and Additive Manufacturing. See more: https://mfg40.fi/lut-laser-3dp/ (Additive manufacturing, AM is professional term, and means practically same as 3D printing, 3DP)
Piili did her M.Sc. degree in 2003, Lic.Tech. degree in 2009 and D.Sc. degree in 2013 at LUT University. She got docentship in 2017 in field of metal AM. Piili was working within industrial additive manufacturing during year 2017 at Electro Optical Systems (EOS) Finland (Turku, Finland), and her main task was to develop monitoring of additive manufacturing of metallic materials. Piili got her professorship in March 2020. She also graduated 2015 as professional teacher from Häme University of Applied Sciences.

Piili has more than 18.5 years´ experience of laser material processing (cutting, micro/mill processing, welding etc.) of various different materials. Her doctoral thesis in 2013 was about characterization and mathematical modeling of interaction between laser beam and material.

Piili has been working more than 11.5 years with additive manufacturing, mostly concentrating to powder bed fusion of metallic materials. At the moment, she participates to national and international projects (academic and industrial) and also educates additive manufacturing and laser technology. She has more than 115 international publications in field of laser material processing and additive manufacturing.

Piili has following academic merits:
37 peer reviewed articles, 2 chapter in research books, 58 conference articles, 30 other publications (totally 127 publications); H-index: 10 (Scopus), 12 (Google Scholar), number of citations (Scopus): 422, (Google Scholar): 1059

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidi-piili-104a1313/

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