1st prize (€3,000): The Forest Belongs to All of Us

Authors from Vihti General Upper Secondary School: Konsta Läge,Eemeli Sjöblom, and Juulia Käräjämies, with supervising teacher Iida Ruonala

The video's authors wanted to help people identify with their experiences of the forests and to help everyone find their own joy from being in the forests. The jury felt that the winning video conveyed well the personal relationship of the three young people with the forest. The video also highlighted the potential of forests and the importance of forests for our society as a whole. In the opinion of the jury, this visually polished production succeeded in presenting both the personal perspective of the individual and the broader perspective of the importance of forests as one coherent whole.

2nd prize (€2,000): Our Forest

Authors from Ulvila General Upper Secondary School: Artturi Kuja-Kanto, Tommi Norolahti, and supervising teacher Ilkka Blomqvist

In the jury's opinion, the young people’s personalised video production highlights the importance and potential of the forest and especially of hiking opportunities. The video encourages the viewer to take hold of the adventures offered by the forest with passion and without prejudice while also respecting nature and the forest. The video has a rich soundscape and is a visually polished and ambitious production.

3rd prize (€1,000): When was the last time?

Authors from the Scout troop Muijalan Menninkäiset ry: Samu Kupiainen, Laura Föhr, Vilma Korsström, Alina Kaartamo, Kia Dahlström, and supervising instructor Panu Pitkänen

The jury felt that the video addresses young people very well and encourages them to go camping and relax in the forest alone or with friends. The video encourages us to stop and enjoy in the present moment the small wonders of nature. The jury considered the video to be a polished and insightful piece of storytelling. It was particularly pleasing that the video had been produced in bilingual and subtitled form.

In addition to the awarded works, the jury gave an honorary mention to The Lungs of the World (author Janna Rantanen with supervising teacher Kalle Viherä / General Upper Secondary School of Turku Finnish Coeducational School).