Magnetic North - 10 good reasons to choose LUT

1. Inspiring and high-quality education

Lectures, demos, assignments, seminars, tutorials, laboratory assignments, internships, corporate visits… Studies and study methods are continuously developed and new, creative ones are introduced. Small student groups allow teachers and professors to get to know their students on an individual level.

2. Friendly and welcoming campuses in Lappeenranta and Lahti

The LUT Lappeenranta Campus is concentrated in one location: Here you find everything from library to laboratories, from student services to health care, under one roof. The Lahti Campus also has modern facilities and all important services for students.

3. Cutting-edge equipment & up-to-date laboratories

Ample, up-to-date computer resources and the newest technology are available to students. Laboratories are equipped with tools used by the industry and business in the future.

4. Profit from IN-HOUSE research

Universities traditionally focus on research and education. This is also the case at LUT. The university's world-class research provides students with the latest information in their field and guarantees current knowledge when they enter the world of work.

5. Living on more than bread and water

The cost of housing, living and transportation is lower in Lappeenranta and Lahti than in larger cities. That means you might have some money to spare for other activities, as well.

6. Crib, digs, crash pad – your own place

Lappeenranta boasts ample housing for students. Rents are low compared to the national level, apartments come in all sizes, and furnished lodgings are available both near the campus and in the city centre. Also Lahti has many choices for living.

7. Contact with the outside world

The rent in Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS) apartments covers not only electricity, water, and the use of shared sauna and laundry facilities, but also an Internet connection in every apartment.

8. Everything within easy distance

In Lappeenranta, everything is within easy distance and you do not have to spend time commuting. Stores and leisure activities are right around the corner.


Student life at LUT is more than just ardent toil next to a big pile of books. The wide range of clubs and student associations, as well as the surrounding nature, provides memorable experiences ranging from culture to extreme sports.


LUT in a nutshell? Cool vibes, great parties, events all year around, sports, theatre, excursions, always somebody home next door. That is it.