Cross-Border Citizen Scientists

Cross-Border Citizen Scientists -project gave science education to youth in the Finnish-Russian border area between Spring 2012 and Autumn 2013. The project collected a Finnish-Russian group of students to be trained into "Citizen Scientists", experts of their own cross-border area.

"Citizen Science" is a model developed to connect science to everyday life of common people. Through Citizen Scientist projects, people from outside academia are invited to take part in the scientific agenda by, for example, collecting samples and making observations. The "Citizen Science" model had so far been implemented mostly in the field of environmental sciences, but the approach in Cross-Border Citizen Scientists project was multidisciplinary.

The participants of the project explored themes that have high relevance to their own cross-border area with the help of scientific methods of collecting, analyzing and disseminating information.

The project included four themes:

THEME 1: "Do Finnish fish speak Russian?" (environment)
THEME 2: "The other side of the story" (joint history)
THEME 3: "My business, your business?" (business)
THEME 4: "Cross the line!" (mental borders)

The aim of the project was to engage youth in cross-border cooperation and joint problem-solving. Acquiring knowledge about the border area encouraged the students to make perceptions of the neighbouring country based on genuine experience instead of stereotypes and prejudices. The participants of the project passed their experiences and knowledge to their schools and local networks.

The project produced a manual that is a concrete guide of how to execute a similar Cross-Border Citizen Scientist project with student groups in any other European Union border area.

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Lappeenranta University of Technology, South Karelian Institute, FINLAND
Contact Person: Virpi Kaisto
tel. +358 40 764 77 33

Centre for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Contact Person: Olga Brednikova,
tel. +7 921 313 47 72

The Finnish-Russian School of Eastern Finland, Lappeenranta, FINLAND
Contact Person: Tuuli Utunen
tel. +358 50 588 14 63

Pervomayskoe Comprehensive School, Pervomayskoe, RUSSIA
Contact Person: Valentina Ivanovna Karabanova
tel. +7 81378 68491

Historic and Ethnographic Reserve Museum Yalkala, Ilichevo, RUSSIA
Contact Person: Mikhail Allenov
tel. +7 812 433 92 07


South-East Finland - Russia ENPI CBC 2007-2013 programme