I have started my M.Sc study in Finland in 2015 when I already had three years of professional experience as a laboratory assistant and process engineer. During my M. Sc study, I found myself differently! As is often said, the journey of exploring the realm of knowledge and probing into the unknown is infinite and strenuous.

Later, I have started my PhD degree in October 2017 and planning to continue sludge dewatering by different chemical and electro-chemical processes. As a part of this, I worked with Electro-dewatering of sludge with collaboration work with Politecnico di Milano, Italy for five months. So, all these processes I have experienced and developed alternative usage of sludge as sludge-based catalyst, adsorbent or carbon rich materials.

Along with my laboratory experiences and publishing in peer-reviewed journals, I also had teaching experiences in three courses for M. Sc students in LUT University, Finland. I have work experience as a laboratory assistant and a process engineer at Holcim Cement Bangladesh Ltd, in addition to my academic career. During my nearly three-year tenure, I gained extensive knowledge and experience in the laboratory, monitoring, manufacturing, customer service, and training provided to all supervisors.

As a person, I am cheerful and determined to find a peaceful solution to my situation. I am also capable of motivating and helping people for their professional career. I understand the importance of mentorship in fostering personal growth, guiding career decisions, and developing a well-rounded skill set.

Studies at LUT: Chemical Engineering 2022
Mentoring language: English

Jannatul Rumky
I am also capable of motivating and helping people for their professional career.
Jannatul Rumky
Post doctoral Researcher, University of Jyväskylä, Finland