Väitöstilaisuus: Roman Teplov 24.5.

Roman Teplov, Master of Science in Technology, will defend his doctoral dissertation at Lappeenranta University of Technology on 24th May at noon at the Auditorium of the Student Union House. His dissertation is titled A holistic approach to measuring open innovation: contribution to theory development (Holistinen lähestymistapa avoimen innovation mittamiseen: kontribuutio teorian kehittämiseen). Professor Max von Zedtwitz, Kaunas University of technology Lithuania will act as opponent. Professor Juha Väätänen. of LUT will act as custos.

The dissertation topic is Open Innovation (OI) adoption measurement. The main results are measuring model incorporating several indicators of OI adoption by companies. The model combines indicators from two levels of analysis: individual and organizational. Consequently, the results have significance for managers aiming to implement OI in their firms but also for HR specialists aiming to foster the necessary skills so that employees can perform in OI projects. The model equips company managers, academic scholars and policy makers with the tool for measuring OI adoption and enhances their understanding of the role played by organizational capabilities and individual skills in successful OI implementation and the relationships between OI and company innovation performance.  


Further information:

Roman Teplov, +358 50 4488071; roman.teplov@lut.fi