Applying to
Double Degree Studies

The instructions for applying and partner university list for studies starting in Fall 2019 to be updated by mid-October.

Students from the LUT Partner Universities in China, Czech Republic, France, Russia, Tanzania and The Netherlands are able to apply to LUT Master's Programmes for their Double Degree (DD) studies whenever there is an agreement for DD studies between LUT and the Partner University for that specific programme and, the applicant is nominated as DD applicant by the home university.

  • List for the LUT partner universities for Double Degree studies
    To be updated by mid-October.

Students admitted to the Double Degree programmes graduate and are awarded a Degree Certificate from both LUT and their home university after having completed the requirements for the Master's Degrees in both the universities.  

If interested in the Double Degree studies, please contact the relevant person in your home university. In case of not being aware of who to contact in your home university, please contact LUT Admissions Services at

Application Periods

  • October 1-12, 2018 at 15:00 (GMT +2)
    Application period for students of University of Twente
    Double Degree studies in the MIMM and MSM Programmes
    Studies starting in January 2018
  • December 2018 - February 2019
    Application period for Double Degree studies
    Studies starting in Fall 2019
    Exact dates for applying to be published at the end of September
  • April 2019
    Application period for SKEMA Business School students
    Double Degree studies in the MIMM Programme
    Exact dates for applying to be published at the end of September


Master's Programmes in Technology

When applying to Double Degree studies, the eligibility requirements for your educational background are the same as when applying to the LUT Master's Programmes in general - except for the minimum score for the language test results for certain programmes.

Please see all the further information regarding to eligibility and requirements at the web sites for each LUT Master's Programme, starting from Apply to LUT - Master's Studies.

Master's Programmes in Business Administration

The eligibility requirements for applying as a Double Degree student to the Master's Programmes in Business Administration are defined in the DD Agreements between LUT and the Partner University.

Proficiency in English

Please see the language requirements to prove your proficiency in English for the Double Degree studies.

NOTE: There are special agreements with some partner universities in Europe that overrule the general language  requirements mentioned below.  Information about this is always delivered directly to the partner university by LUT in the application info.

Master's Programme / Double DegreeStudies Language Requirements

Chemical Engineering and Water Treatment
Software Engineering and Digital Transformation
Global Management of Innovation and Technology
International Marketing Management (MIMM)
Strategic Finance and Analytics (MSF)
Supply Management (MSM)
Stragegy, Innovation and Sustainability (MSIS)

Academic IELTS: 6.0
Academic TOEFL: 80 iBT or 550 PBT
PTE Academic: 54
C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency: C



Master's Programme / Double Degree Studies Language Requirements

Bioenergy Systems
Energy Conversion
Nuclear Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Sustainability Science and Solutions
Mechatronics System Design
Advanced Structural Design and Robotised Welding
Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering
Computational Engineering and Technical Physics


Academic IELTS: 5.5
Academic TOEFL: 65 iBT or 513 PBT
PTE Academic: 46
C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency: C



When a Language Test is not Required

There is no language test result in English required whenever

  • The previous degree being completed in English in an EU/EEA country, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States of America
  • The present Master's Programme in the partner university is in English

Tuition Fees

Students with a citizenship of a non-EU/EEA country or Switzerland are required to pay tuition fees for their study period at LUT while the tuition fee for all the LUT Master's programmes being EUR 10 000 per academic year.

Students possibly already having a certain kind of residence permit granted by The Finnish Immigration Service already before applying to LUT are exempted from paying a tuition fee.

For more information, please see LUT Master's Studies - Scholarships and Fees.

LUT Partner University Scholarship Programme

Scholarships offered through the LUT Parner University Scholarship Programme are awards for academic excellence, targeting top students from LUT Double Degree partner universities. The scholarships are awarded by the programmes in the order of the highest points achieved in the selection.

You are eligible to apply for a scholarship if being a Double Degree applicant and required to pay a tuition fee for studying in the LUT Master's Programme.

In the 2019 intake the LUT Master's Programmes offer the international degree students who are required to pay a tuition fee a number of scholarships in three different categories:

  • Full Scholarship, covering for 100% tuition fee and the living expenses for EUR 5600 per academic year
    • All the LUT Programmes are not offering Full Scholarships
  • 100% Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering the tuition fee for 100 %
  • 50% Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering the tuition fee for 50 %

There is a limited number of Tuition Fee Scholarships offered by each programme and Full Scholarships offered by certain programmes only.

You are able to apply for a scholarship on the same application form when applying to Double Degree studies.

No preliminary statements about anybody's possibility for getting a scholarship or not can be given as it all depends on the other applicants as well.

Application Process

When applying to Double Degree studies at LUT, the applicants first have to be nominated as Double Degree applicants by their home universities. For further information about the application process, please get in touch with the contact person for DD studies in your home university as s/he has been e-mailed a presentation about the application process.

The LUT partner university first provides LUT Admissions Services with a list of the nominated DD applicants. After that, a link to a personal application form together with a detailed information for applying is e-mailed to the applicant by LUT Admissions Services. For each programme, there is an individual application form. 

Applicants can be nominated and apply to a maximum of 2 programmes in Technology according to the existing Double Degree agreements. Regarding to programmes in Business Administration, applicants can be nominated and apply to that one programme for which there is a valid Double Degree agreement.

Required Documents

Students Having a Bachelor's Degree (studying for the Master's Degree)

Educational Documents

  • A copy of your B.Sc. Degree Certificate/Diploma
  • A copy of your B.Sc. Transcript of Records/Grade Report
  • An up-to-date copy of your M.Sc. Transcript of Records/Grade Report
  • Translations in English for all these documents

Other Documents

  • Copy of your Language Test Certificate
  • Copy of the information page for your passport or, a copy of your official ID card indicating the nationality
  • Copy of your Residence Permit Card to prove your status for residency (if applicable)
    This only applies to applicant possibly already having a Finnish RP Card.

NOTE: When applying to 2 programmes in Technology, an individual set of enclosures per each application is required.

Document Authentication

When applying to Double Degree studies, please note that all the educational documents have to be officially certified as follows:

  • Degree Certificates/Diplomas and Transcripts/Grade Reports must be officially certified by the awarding institution (or a Notary Public)
    • There has to be the original stamp of the university on each page of every document
    • If the document is certified by Notary Public, no original stamp of the university is required
  • All translations must be officially certified by the awarding institution or the home university
    • There has to be the original stamp of the university on each page of every translation

Language Test Certificates


When proving your proficiency in English with either IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge Certificates CAE or CPE, please send a copy of your test score slip to LUT Admissions Services either included in your application or separately in a way that it will reach LUT Admissions Services by February 28, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT+2). You may e-mail the result to as well.

When applying to studies starting at LUT in January 2019, the deadline for the language test to reach LUT Admissions Services is October 12, 2018 at 15:00 (GMT+2).

You may ask the TOEFL and IELTS test organizers to send your test result directly to LUT - however, kindly note that for LUT to receive the result directly from these organisations may take several weeks. If still wishing to ask them to forward your result directly to LUT, please indicate Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) as the receiver of your result for the IELTS test and use the LUT institution code 0496 in the field 'Score Report Recipient' for the TOELF test.

PTE Academic

Once you receive your test score, send it to LUT from your PTE account. Choose Finland as the 'Country', 'Lappeenranta University of Technology' as the 'Institution' and click 'Search'. Then select LUT as the university you want to send your results to and confirm your order. LUT will then have test result within 48 hours.

For more information about the language tests, please see the sites by programmes at Apply to LUT - Master's Programmes .

Interviews / Programmes in Technology

All the eligible applicants will be interviewed as part of the evaluation/selection process in person at the home university or, through a video interview. The invitations for the interviews will be sent by the LUT representatives for the programmes.

To be admitted, an eligible Double Degree applicant has to achieve at least 70% of the maximum points for the interview.

Student Selections

Regarding to the programmes in Technology, the selection process will be based on the previous degree, proficiency in English and the interview.

In the programmes in Business Administration, the selection process is based on the nominations by the home university and the eligibility requirements for the programme described in the Double Degree agreement.

The final student selections will be carried out in the respective LUT Faculties and the admissions results will be published on April XX, 2019. 

The student selections for the SKEMA Business School students, which will be published on May XX, 2019. 

All the applicants will receive an e-mail about the results, while all the admitted ones will also receive an official Certificate of Acceptance by post - except for the admitted students in St. Petersburg, who will be able to pick up their documents from the House of Finland in St. Petersburg.

Application Process for Non-Double Degree Students

If not listed as a Double Degree applicant by your home university, please apply through Regular Admission or Rolling Admission.