Sustainable Production
in Mechanical Engineering

The information available at the moment was for the previous application period. 
The updated eligibility requirements plus all the other information for the next application period will be published at the end of September 2019.

Admissions Process

Application period

  • December 3, 2018 - January 23, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +2)
    Please see the details for the application process at How to Apply for this programme.

Academic Evaluation and Selection

In January - February 2019

  • Eligible applications are evaluated by the Admission Committees for the Master's Programmes
  • Interviews (if applicable) are usually conducted either through video interviews or in person or by Skype depending on the programme and on the applicant's location
  • Student selections are carried in all the LUT Master's Programmes
  • LUT student selections for 2019-2020 will be published on March 18, 2019 at 09:00 (GMT +2) at the LUT website for Student Selections
    • Only the names of applicants who have given permission to publish their names will be published.

On March 18, 2019

Admitted Students

  • Admitted students will be e-mailed about the admission decision (plus information on their scholarships decision if applicable) to the e-mail address given on the application form
  • Admitted students will also be mailed a Certificate of Admission and Scholarship Decision (if awarded) together with an information package to the address given in the online application form.
  • If necessary, the admitted student may be requested to take supplementary courses (max. 60 ECTS credits) after having started the studies at LUT and making the personal study plan.

Non-Admitted Students

  • Non-admitted applicants will be informed about the admission decision by e-mail decision only and to the e-mail address given on the application.
  • In case of turning out that an admitted student has given false, fake or counterfeit information regarding to the required documents or to the application form, the study right offered will be revoked.

Accepting Your Study Place

  • The LUT study place has to be accepted at My Studyinfo at by April 30, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +2). Not following the DL of April 30, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT+2) will automatically lead into losing your study place.
  • You also have to enroll for the academic year by April 30, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +2). The enrolment is finalized by paying the Student Union fee at OILI service that you can enter from MyStudyinfo. The fee can be paid either via online banking or by credit card.
  • When accepting your study place at LUT, you are required to the start your studies on at the end of August 2019; the exact date to be updated.
    • Exception: Students in Circular Economy at the LUT Lahti Campus as well as in Industrial Design Engineering will start their studies in the beginning of September 2019; the exact date to be updated.

One Study Place per Term Provision

  • When accepting your study place in Finland, remember that you may only accept ONE study place leading to a higher education degree during one academic term. The first study place you accept will be your first and final choice; you will not be able to change it anymore - or cancel it and accept another one.
    For more information, please see StudyInfo - One Study Place Per Term Provision.

Deadlines for Admitted Students

  • APRIL 30, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +2)
    • DL for accepting your LUT study place and enroll for the academic year of 2019-2020
    • DL for applying for student accommodation offered by LOAS 
    • DL for paying the the tuition fee at LUTshop
      The first installment if not having been granted a scholarship and the only installment if having been granted a 50% Tuition Fee Scholarship.
      If not being able to pay the tuition fee at LUTshop, kindly send e-mail to to order an invoice for making the payment. The DL for the invoice payment is the same as when paying at LUTshop.
  • JULY 31, 2019
    • DL for the conditionally admitted* students to graduate
  • AUGUST 5, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +2)
    • Conditionally admitted students*:
      DL for LUT Admissions Services to receive a copy for your Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records together with official translations (if applicable).
      • There are different ways of certification required depending on the fact whether you are required to follow the country-specific requirements for document authentication or not. Mailing or e-mailing the documents also depends on the same fact.
        Further information on the pages Submission, How to Apply, Document Authenticatio, Country-Specific Requirments
      • NOTE: If applying as undergraduate and knowing that you will not be able to make it until the DL given, there is no point in applying as there will be no exceptions made in the requirements.

*Conditionally admitted = undergraduate, who has been admitted, but whose study right will be valid only, if being able to provide LUT University / Admissions Services with the required graduation documents together with the official translations (if applicable) by the given deadline. No exceptions will be made to this rule; not to the DL and not to authentication.

  • AUGUST 5, 2019
    • DL for paying a tuition fee at LUTshop
      The second installment to be paid when not having been granted a scholarship.
      If not being able to pay the tuition fee at LUTshop, kindly send e-mail to to order an invoice for making the payment. The DL for the invoice payment is the same as when paying at LUTshop.
  • AUGUST XX, 2019
    • Studies starting at LUT for all the programmes except for Circular Economy and Industrial Design Engineering on the Lahti Campus.
  • SEPTEMBER X, 2019
    • Studies starting on the Lahti Campus for Circular Economy
    • Studies starting on the Lahti Campus for Industrial Design Engineering

Presenting the Original Degree Certificate

    Be prepared to present your original Degree Certificate* during the Orientation Days at LUT University.

    This is the final part of your admission; not presenting the required document or presenting a document that was involved in any kind of forgery will lead into revoking your study right at LUT University.
    *DC for the Degree that provided you with the eligiblity to apply to the LUT Master's Programme.
    • Students in the programmes based in Lahti Campus
      The verification will NOT be done on the Orientation Day in Lahti.
      We will contact the students by e-mail for further instructions in September.
    The final verification will be done from the national educational database, so there is no need to bring your original Degree Certificate with you for the Orientation Days at LUT University.

Application Documents Not to be Returned

  • According to the Finnish University Law, all the application documents will be filed for 5 years as they were at the time of applying and will not be returned to the applicant after processing. After filing they will be destroyed while not being available for the applicant at any point.

Admissions Services