Study international business, innovations and technology in LUT's IBTM programme

International Business and Technology Management (IBTM) is a non-degree study programme that focuses on international business, finance, technology and innovation management as well emerging economies. The courses are offered by the LUT School of Business and Management.

The IBTM programme lasts one academic year, although students may choose to attend for one semester or two. The programme is aimed at international exchange students coming from universities with which LUT has exchange agreements. Over one hundred exchange students participate in the IBTM programme each year. Most of the courses are at the Master's level, but there are some opportunities for Bachelor's students as well.

Course descriptions

 Course descriptions for the academic year 2016-2017 are available in the Study Guide

Study guides can be found on the website which is accessible without a user id. Just choose 'Study Guide' from menu on the left and available study guides are listed on the right, then choose the study guide by clicking its name.

You can navigate to course descriptions either via tab 'Degree Structures' or 'Study Modules'. Tab 'Degree Structures' exists only in study guides for Bachelor's and Master's degree studies. Tab 'Study Modules' exists in every study guide. You can find there all courses and course descriptions included to the chosen Study Guide.

You can find available minor studies from Study Guide 'Minor studies, 2016-17'. In tab 'Degree Structures' exists all minor studies structured according to study programmes. List of minors in English.

Proficiency test in business

If you wish to take Master's courses in the IBTM programme and you are either a Bachelor level student or a Master, but major in engineering/technology, it is required to pass the proficiency test in business.

The proficiency test is for exchange students who have not yet completed their Bachelor's degree and aim to participate in Master's courses in the IBTM programme at LUT. By passing the test, students show that they have sufficient knowledge to participate in the Master's courses without having the B.Sc. degree.

The test is a multiple-choice exam that assesses the students' basic knowledge in the field of business and industrial management. The questions test bachelor level knowledge mainly through basic theories, terms and concepts.

NOTE! The exam questions are based on Global Marketing (Fifth Edition, 2010) by S. Hollensen, published by Prentice Hall. (The fourth edition (2007) is also eligible). General understanding of the central concepts and terms presented in the book is needed to pass the exam.

The test is arranged at LUT before the semester starts - exact date, time and place is announced by e-mail. Test takes 60 minutes and no dictionaries are allowed.


Timothé - Business student
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