A plenitude of courses in engineering and technology

Exchange students can apply to join a specific department, normally the one indicated in the Erasmus or other institutional agreement. However, depending on your previous studies, you may select courses from various departments and thus study a wide and multi-faceted range of studies during the exchange period.

Course descriptions 2016-2017


Course descriptions for the academic year 2016-2017 are available in the Study Guide. Study guides can be found on the website https://weboodi.lut.fi/ which is accessible without a user id. Just choose 'Study Guide' from menu on the left and available study guides are listed on the right, then choose the study guide by clicking its name.

You can navigate to course descriptions either via tab 'Degree Structures' or 'Study Modules'. Tab 'Degree Structures' exists only in study guides for Bachelor's and Master's degree studies. Tab 'Study Modules' exists in every study guide. You can find there all courses and course descriptions included to the chosen Study Guide.

You can find available minor studies from Study Guide 'Minor studies, 2016-17'. In tab 'Degree Structures' exists all minor studies structured according to study programmes. List of minors in English.

Charlotte - Mathematics
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