Connected to the world

LUT University is only about 230 kilometres from the third largest metropolis in Europe – St. Petersburg – and an equal distance to Helsinki, capital of Finland.

Excellent public transportation connections and direct international flights make Lappeenranta easy to reach. And recently, a whole lot of people have been in an awful hurry to get here – because they know there is something good waiting down the road.

LUT University is situated by the beautiful Lake Saimaa, about 7 kilometers from the city central. LUT's State-of-the-art university education draws future professionals to Lappeenranta, a city of 72 000 residents located in Southeast Finland.

When student's arrive, they don't want to leave. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming and LUT's Green Campus is concentrated on one location: everything from the library to laboratories, from student services to health care under one roof.