Grading and Certificates

Students will be assigned final grades upon successful completion of each course.

Scale of grades at LUT:

5 = Excellent
4 = Very good
3 = Good
2 = Satisfactory
1 = Sufficient
0 = Failed

Some courses apply grading scale H = Passed, 0 = Failed.

Grades are recorded on an official LUT transcript, along with the course name and credit earned. Grades are given in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). For conversion to US and Australian credits: 1 ECTS credit = 0.5 US credits = 0.8 UTS credits.

At the end of the LUT Summer School all international students receive a Certificate of Attendance. Official transcripts of records will be mailed to students in September. Credits earned during the LUT Summer School are recognised by and transferrable to your home university. If you want to transfer your LUT Summer School grades to degree programmes at your home university, check with your university advisors about transfer policies and procedures before registering for LUT Summer School courses.

LUT students

LUT students may also receive a separate certificate of attendance if they wish (please inform the Summer School staff). LUT students can see their grades in Oodi; transcripts will not be mailed to them.

LUT students can include all LUT Summer School courses into their degree as elective studies. LUT students of the Master's Degree Programme in International Marketing Management (MIMM) can include the course International Marketing of High Technology Products and Innovations partly into their major studies.

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