Below the LUT Summer School 2019 courses and detailed course descriptions. Click on the name of the course to open the file.

Master's-level courses by LUT University:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Bachelor's level courses by Saimaa University of Applied Sciences:

Week 1:

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Online courses

This summer, we will offer two online courses in addition to our regular classroom courses:

These online courses are identical to the same regular ones. You can choose between Systematic Creativity – TRIZ Basics and Systematic Creativity – TRIZ Basics Online, or Inventive Product Design and Advanced TRIZ and Inventive Product Design and Advanced TRIZ Online; the contents of the classroom courses and their online versions are the same. Note, that you cannot enroll for two identical courses, e.g. Systematic Creativity – TRIZ Basics and Systematic Creativity – TRIZ Basics Online.

The online option enables you to earn more ECTS credits during the summer school. The online courses are 3 ECTS credits each. The duration of each online course is 2 weeks.

You can register for online courses by sending an email to Online courses have a separate attendance fee:

  • For summer school students who enrol for regular courses, the extra fee for each online course is EUR 95.
  • For students who register only for online courses, the fee for each course is EUR 595.
  • Online courses are free of charge for degree students of LUT, Saimaa UAS and LAMK.

Watch introduction video for the course Systematic Creativity – TRIZ Basics Online.

Doing Business in Russia, 4 ECTS credits (26–28 July 2019)

The course Doing Business in Russia is lectured partly at LUT and partly in St. Petersburg, Russia. Students must attend all lectures at LUT and in St. Petersburg in order to receive the final grade for the course. Following the academic part, students stay in St. Petersburg for the weekend and enjoy an organised cultural and social programme.

The programme of the course:

  • 24–25 July, lectures at LUT
  • 26 July, departure to St. Petersburg, lectures at 11.00 a.m.–19.00 p.m.
  • 26–28 July, cultural programme in St. Petersburg

Note! An additional fee will be charged for travelling and cultural events during the trip. The fee is EUR 470 without visa costs.

The fee includes two-way train tickets, lectures in St. Petersburg on Friday, lunch on Friday during the company visit, an accommodation with breakfast in hotel IBIS, a river cruise, a city tour, a tour at the State Hermitage Museum, and a dinner at Russian-styled restaurant. Detailed instructions and official invitation document will be sent to those, who enroll for the course.

Note, that the trip fee includes train tickets to the speed train Allegro: Vainikkala (the nearest railway station)-St. Petersburg-Vainikkala. On the way back on Sunday Allegro train continues to Helsinki after Vainikkala. If you wish to continue to Helsinki, you can book tickets for extra 45 € by informing to us.

Participants are responsible for their own visa costs.

The LUT Summer School reserves the right to change or modify the schedule of the course.

Students of other modules can join the weekend trip to St. Petersburg on 26–28 July 2019.