Master's Programmes in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field concerned with diverse materials and processes.

It covers many scientific and technological areas essential for human well-being, a clean environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.

In today's society, resources are becoming scarce and environmental impact of manufacturing processes is a matter of growing concern.

It is important to develop technology, which is not harmful to the environment, to use rationally natural resources and to minimise process wastes.

"I'm combining business management studies to my degree in chemical engineering"

Antonio Mayoral Chavando
Chemical and Process Engineering

During your studies, you will be able to create new sustainable solutions as a response to the major global challenges. You will learn how to create, design, develop and promote innovations and new technology. As a graduate, you will possess a unique set of skills for creating sustainable, environmentally friendly chemical processes and products.

You can join two different Master's Programmes in the field of Chemical Engineering: