Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering

The availability and security of the electricity supply are global concerns in the continuing rise of energy production and consumption.

Electrical energy is now more than ever the answer to the world's urgent energy challenges. Electrical energy is the crucial driver of efficiency and success in the energy transition towards a sustainable, truly industrial and consumer-oriented economy.

Electrical engineering is the largest and most diverse technological field in the world. Studies in the Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering are wide-ranging and relevant to industry. You will learn about the conversion, use and transmission of electric energy, the control of electric systems and the electric market.

You will acquire extensive knowledge of how the industry works, and engineering skills and technological knowledge needed to design, assess and improve electrical and electronic systems. You will also develop the knowledge, skills and abilities that will facilitate intellectual, creative, responsive and professional growth, and lifelong learning for continuous improvement.


"In the future I want to work in the electricity market sector"

Emil Khaliullin
Electrical Engineering

As well as having technical knowledge, electrical engineers need to be able to manage different projects. Here you will also be able to develop team leadership and management skills, which will be of great value for your future career.

Electrical Engineering

Master of Science in Technology

120 ECTS credits

2 years


Academic unit
LUT School of Energy Systems

Rolling admission
November 2017 - May 2018

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