Master's Programme in Energy Systems

The challenges of climate change and energy security are now undeniable.

Humankind is consuming energy at increasing rates. Population growth and higher living standards in developing countries are causing a rapid growth in the global energy demand.

The future energy challenge calls for new supplies of affordable sustainable energy. Making greater use of the available spectrum of varying renewable energy systems is a way to meet the climate change challenge while helping to secure the availability of energy supplies to us all.

Do you want to develop and apply clean and effective energy technologies that will change the world? In the Master's programme in Energy Systems you will learn how to produce energy safely, economically and using low-emission technology, as well as by utilising renewable energy sources.

"I want to be a part of the technology growth in the field of bioenergy"

Stephen Horvath
Energy Systems

This programme is for you who are ready to accept the energy challenges and learn how to make an impact on how energy is produced and distributed.

In the programme you will develop the knowledge and skills that will facilitate intellectual, creative, responsive and professional growth, and enable lifelong learning for continuous improvement.

You will acquire competencies to go on to a career as a professional and expert in the rapidly developing, multidisciplinary area of energy and the environment, or to continue your studies in doctoral programmes. You will also acquire team-work skills and the ability to competently lead project teams.

Teaching and research are carried out in close cooperation with industry, other universities and research institutions. Our strong interface with international enterprises is one of the key success factors in ensuring the practical application of new knowledge and theories in the real world.

The programme will provide you with extensive knowledge in different fields of the energy industry. You will specialise in one of two energy production related areas – either in Bio-Energy Systems or Nuclear Engineering. You may additionally choose individual courses from both.

Bio-Energy Systems

You will study several subjects such as bioenergy production and refining technologies, bioenergy end-use technologies and the international trade of biofuels. The subject is well suited for students who have a basic knowledge of energy technology from their Bachelor's studies, such as flow theory and thermodynamics, and wish to become professionals in bio-energy systems.

Nuclear Engineering

You will study the design, operation and basic structures of nuclear power plants, the modelling and optimisation of nuclear reactors and nuclear steam supply systems, radiation and nuclear safety, safety analysis methods, and fuel and radioactive waste management.

The subject is well suited for students who have acquired some competence in energy technology subjects from their Bachelor's studies, such as engineering, power plant engineering, process engineering, heat transfer and fluid flow, and wish to become professionals in nuclear engineering.

"Meeting people from every corner of the world teaches you things that no book or course can teach"

Coming from Guadalajara, Mexico, Javier Farfan Orozco arrived in Finland in autumn 2011 to start a Master's programme in Energy Technology at LUT.

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Energy Systems

Master of Science in Technology

120 ECTS credits

2 years


Academic unit
LUT School of Energy Systems

Rolling admission
November 2017 - May 2018

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