Master's Programme in Mechatronic System Design

Intense competition is putting pressure on machine builders to deliver machines with higher output, reduced operating costs, and increased safety.

Increasing demands on the productivity of complex systems, such as manufacturing machines, requires the application of new methods in the product development process. Mechatronic system design is gaining popularity in the machine design process, and it is a key approach in the product process of productive life cycle efficient machines.

The Master's Programme in Mechatronic System Design will familiarise you with the design and simulation of modern mechatronic machines, which comprise a mechanical system, power transmission (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic or hybrid) and a digital control system.

You will learn about environmentally conscious design and the development of new technologies to solve current and future global problems. Your study curriculum will also include functional principles of sustainable machines such as electric drives, and you will learn how to design them.

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The ability to create virtual prototypes is a critical aspect of the mechatronics approach because it helps engineers and scientists explore machines before they are built. In this programme, you will be able to apply simulation tools to analyse demanding machine systems.

This expertise can be applied to the most demanding research and development processes of the global industry. The use of simulation tools in design and development has increased in popularity throughout recent decades, and there seems to be no decrease in interest in sight due to more efficient computational tools and more expensive prototyping costs.

In this programme, you will acquire extensive knowledge in the fields of design, hydraulics, control, dynamics and the simulation of machines. You will also become familiar with programming and the application of numerical methods, both required in different fields of mechanical engineering.

All sessions of the programme are also available online. You can participate in the programme according to the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) principle.

Mechatronic System Design

Master of Science in Technology

120 ECTS credits

2 years

Start date


Tuition fees and scholarships
EUR 10 000 Non-EU/EEA students
Scholarships available

Academic unit
LUT School of Energy Systems


Next regular admission
December 2020 − January 2021

Rolling admission
1 October 2019 − 31 May 2020

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