Rolling Admission

Applying with Rolling Admission lets you hear your admission results early.

LUT's rolling admission period offers a wide application window from October to May.

If you apply with rolling admission, you will get a response when LUT receives your application instead of after a particular deadline. In rolling admission, LUT accepts and responds to applications on a continuing basis.

Three advantages of LUT's rolling admission:

1. It reduces the stress of waiting for admission results

The rolling admission process is quick. The earlier you apply, the sooner you get your answer, which is one month after submitting your application.

2. The application process is less competitive for you

LUT examines applications when it receives them. If you fulfill the admission criteria, you will be admitted to the university. You will not be compared to other applicants during the process, but you have to have a strong either GMAT, GRE General, GRE Physics or GRE Mathematics score, depending on the programme.

3. You have an opportunity to receive a 100 % scholarship for the second year

If you complete 60 ECTS credits with a GPA of 4,25 during your first year, you will have a significant chance of receiving a 100 % scholarship for your second year.

Apply with Rolling Admission