Student testimonial: MSc in Chemical Engineering and Water Treatment by Anastasiia Lopatina

Anastasiia Lopatina

This place is filled with curiosity and freedom, and it is really helping me to learn something new every day.

Broadly speaking, I came to Finland all the way from Siberia; I've always wanted to study abroad for a while. I started my Master's studies in one of Saint Petersburg's universities and came here to LUT through a double degree programme.

When my studies at LUT started, I had no background in water treatment, which made my studies a lot harder. I sometimes still feel that I'm lacking some basic knowledge. But here's the trick: if you really like doing something, nothing can stop you from learning more and more. Being a student here was great. I remember days and even weeks when I only came back home to sleep because this university really became my second home, and I didn't want to leave even when I was done with my deadlines.

I didn't plan to stay in Finland for a long time but it all happened very naturally. First, I took a course on membrane technology and met inspirational professionals, then I got an amazingly interesting thesis topic from them, and after that (even before I graduated) I got an offer to stay and work with the same research group. The fact that it all happened within one year brings me back to my favourite quote from Seneca: "Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant".

And even though LUT was the third university I studied in, it's the only one I finally wanted to call my alma mater. It's filled with curiosity and freedom, and it really helps me to learn something new every day – whatever I want it to be.

Anastasiia Lopatina, Russia
Master's student, Chemical Engineering and Water Treatment


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