Javier Farfan Orozco

Coming from Guadalajara, Mexico, Javier arrived in Finland in autumn 2011 to start a Master's programme in Energy Technology at LUT.

He found LUT through the Consulate of Finland in Guadalajara and became acquainted with the process of application for studies in Finland, and the rest is history.

Energy technology with an environmental twist

After finishing a Bachelor's degree in electronics engineering and working for a few years in the automotive industry, Javier decided to pursue his dream of studying abroad. He chose the Energy Technology programme with a minor subject in environmental technology.

In this Master's programme Javier saw the most potential to learn something that was not available in his home university. The hands-on approach to modelling and design facilitated learning and understanding even the most technical of topics.

But not everything is learned from books or in the classroom. By participating in team sports, he made good friends and found new, entertaining hobbies.

"Meeting people from every corner of the world teaches you things that no book or course can teach, and no matter where you come from or which your religion or mother tongue is, we all call the same planet home and we all want a better world for everyone"

Better environment = better world

During his studies, Javier participated in a project led by ENSTO, an Espoo-based company focused on power control devices, and prepared his Master's thesis on smart grid applications. The project aimed for the electrification of small off-grid communities in remote areas of the world that still have no access to electricity.

After some time, but still with the same environmental focus, Javier started a doctoral degree in the Solar Economy research group with Professor Christian Breyer. The research group – one of the most successful and published ones of the university – focuses on the modelling of the global energy systems transition and sustainable energy system design.

"We are working hard to prove to the world that there is no need for fossil fuels or carbon emissions to bring energy to everyone in the world, and it is not only about the environment; we are also showing that renewable energy is cheaper, generates more jobs, and is better overall."

Follow your passion, wherever it takes you

Through industry and academia, and across continents and oceans, when you have a passion, you should fly with it. You have to be bold and take the leap of faith when the opportunity presents itself, and the place you land might surprise you, says Javier.

"I was always interested in science, in knowing how things work and how to make them better. At LUT, I have learned a lot, which has opened me many doors through which I can look into the future".