Kafil Uddin Ahmad

Once Kafil completed his Bachelor's studies, he thought that it would be wise to pursue a consecutive Master's degree.

To his surprise, he was admitted to Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in the M. Sc. Programme in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics (MSF) in 2013-14. He thinks Finland has the best education system in the world.

LUT prepares students for the world of work

Studying at LUT was fun and flexible, but deadlines were observed closely: 11:59 PM meant 11.59 PM – not 12:00 AM. There was a lot to learn at the Master's level.

Learning to use technical tools, such as Matlab, SAS, and EViews, prepares students for the world of work. Since LUT is a technical university, there are lots of opportunities to compile a robust portfolio of skills in technical studies.

Starting career with a traineeship at the European Investment Bank

Currently, Kafil is working as a business analyst in the Ireland office of the State Street Corporation investment bank, the second oldest financial institution of the USA.

Prior to his present job, he was a research analyst at Thomson Reuters. At the end of his Master's studies, he was lucky enough to obtain a traineeship at the European Investment Bank, an institution of the European Commission in Luxembourg. He did not have to wait until graduation to get a job.

Focus on your interests by working hard

He is looking forward to advancing in his career by applying his knowledge and by learning new competencies. Kafil's Master's thesis was on time series analysis, which inspired him to work in the data driven field.

He is thankful to LUT for his Master's degree, which enabled him to specialise in analytics. Getting a Master's degree does not necessarily mean an end to studies. Basically, it's a license to gain more knowledge through learning by doing. LUT offers many opportunities to pursue a Master's degree as well as to do research.

Most importantly, focusing on your interests by working hard can lead you in the right direction.

Now it's your turn.