Master's and career in Computer Science in Finland

Originally from Iran, Poorang Vosough, came to Finland in 2011 to study at LUT because a friend recommended the university to him. His friend had told him about the high quality of education in Finland, and he decided it was worth it to give it a try.

Computer science with a practical approach

After completing his bachelor's degree in Azad University, Poorang applied to LUT and started studies in the Computer Science master's programme. He also studied business administration as a minor.

The courses and the teaching in the program have been of use to Poorang in working life as well. Especially courses which had practical applications receive praise from Poorang. "My studies have been useful at work, especially code camps where we did different software and applications individually or as a team taught me a lot. I am very satisfied with the way my studies went at LUT. Although, if I was able to change something about my studies I would take more Finnish courses, as it is very helpful to know Finnish for foreigners who want to find a job in Finland."

To balance his studies Poorang often made use of the sports facilities at LUT and also enjoyed the student life. He also found the multicultural environment fruitful. "The best part of my student experience at LUT was that I found many friends from different countries and cultures, and learned how to cooperate with them on several projects."

The best part of software development is seeing software used

During his studies Poorang worked at LUT on a university project called CrossCom. "I had an opportunity to do my master's thesis as a part of it."

After graduation Poorang started work at Genelec Oy in Iisalmi, Finland as a trainee. Genelec produce audio equipment like speakers and monitors, and accompanying software. As a trainee he learned about the production processes and the software products of Genelec.

In his current position as a R&D Software Engineer he creates new features for the software products of Genelec, where he recently obtained a permanent position. "We are developing a cloud-based service in the software. On an average day at work I of course do a lot of programming. When a new feature is ready, we will present it to other members of the software team and discuss the development so far and future tasks with the R&D department."

As a practically oriented engineer Poorang finds it rewarding to see the results of his work. "The best part of my work is obviously when my code starts working and people in the company and the users of our products adopt the new feature of our software."

Poorang's plans for the future are focused on developing his own skillset. "I want to concentrate on my work at Genelec. Work experience and more software engineering skills are what I will need in the future."

Concentrate on your interests and studying will pay off

According to Poorang the most important things to remember when thinking about what and where to study are your own interests and strengths. "Think about what you want to study, and find universities where you could see yourself studying. It is also important to really find out if the courses they offer are what you want. It is crucial that you learn about something you are really interested in. The most important thing I learned at LUT was that by studying and working hard I can get the skills I want and need."