Valeriia Voitsekhovskaia

Valeriia Voitsekhovskaia was born in Kazakhstan and moved to Russia to get higher education in Novosibirsk State Technical University, where she got the Bachelor's degree in financial management. During her 4th year of studying, she was suggested to participate in the LUT Summer School in 2015, and that was a really great opportunity to see the educational system abroad and to explore new country and people.

The LUT Summer School has definitely become a push to start thinking about studying in Lappeenranta: impressive facilities of the university, amazing atmosphere of friendship everywhere and fascinating nature makes this place perfect for a new study experience. 

After coming back from the LUT Summer School, she knew for sure, that participating in double-degree Master's programme will provide her with a chance to study there, and she applied to the Master's programme in Global Management of Innovation and Technology (GMIT).

"Studying in the LUT Master's Programme in Global Management of Innovation and Technology gives golden opportunity to every participant. Opportunities of developing international relationships, sharing the knowledge, getting to know new ways and methods in science made me be fond of this program even before studying. Why have I chosen this direction of the programme? Nowadays we hear the word "innovations" everywhere and the role of innovations in economy is growing rapidly. At the present time, in an increasingly competitive market, the active transformation of markets and convergence of technologies is updated effective innovation that enables companies to generate a unique competitive advantage. Without new, modern technology and without an increase in the quality of products, the company will not be able to carry out appropriate actions in response to competitors' activities. Basically, my wish was to keep the pace with modern developing economy and to get new insights into it."

Despite having degree in financial management, Valeriia has conducted her research in innovation management as well, and that seemed an interesting topic for her. She felt the need for a better background in innovation and technology and this was one more reason why she chose this direction in LUT.

"Studying process in LUT is very unusual in comparison with Russian universities: the most incredible fact is that students have an opportunity to visit the university 24/7 and it really helps in succeeding in your research or current courses. Almost all courses assume group tasks or group projects, where the groups are international. Working in such diverse groups may seem to be very challenging, nevertheless it is a unique experience of international communication and team work, which is an important part of today's business environment. The teachers of LUT are very intelligent and friendly, they are always ready to help in any emerging issue or clarify the topics you misunderstood. Students feel themselves like a part of a big LUT family during studying here".

My recommendation for future potential students:

  • Be open to new opportunities and don't be afraid of changing your life!
  • Be open-minded in your studying process and don't be afraid of expressing your thoughts!
  • Appreciate your time and try to be more efficient!