Lappeenranta – East meets West

Lappeenranta, a city of 72,000 residents located in Southeast Finland, combines cosy small town atmosphere with full-scale urban comforts. Our international guests soon pick up on the relaxed vibe and are eager to get the most of their "Lappeenranta Experience". The locals know the story. As the town weaves its slow magic on the arriving students, pretty soon they do not want to leave at all.

Eastern Finland hospitality is legendary, even in a country known for its warm, welcoming smiles. At LUT, a lot of effort has been directed at student services (conveniently located on the university campus, of course) – just because we want you to feel at home from Day One.

In addition to the breathtaking landscape of Lake Saimaa, Lappeenranta embraces its historical position between East and West. Lappeenranta is both a geographical and an academic gateway from the European Union to Russia. As it stands, the LUT University is only about 230 kilometres from the third largest metropolis in Europe – St. Petersburg – and an equal distance to Helsinki, capital of Finland.

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