Activities for all year around

Lappeenranta offers many possibilities to spend your free time. You should also check out the Higher Education Sports and Welfare Services - SaLUT. SaLUT offers a wide range of sports and welfare services and organizes a variety of demo classes and events. Activities are designed to promote students' health and to create cohesiveness between different training programs and higher education institutions.

Here you can find some ideas on what to do while studying at LUT.

LUT Sports hall

Want to set up a sports team of your own but can't find anywhere to play badminton, indoor soccer or volleyball? Then look no further than the university sports hall, where you can play sports from morning until late at night. There is also a gym available to students free of charge.

Nordic walking

Can't wait for the winter and a chance to try out cross-country skiing, but worried you might not be in the right shape when winter arrives? Try Nordic walking! About 7 million people around the world participate in Nordic walking. They can't all be wrong, can they?


Indoor swimming pools

  • Pohjolankatu 29, city centre
  • Luukkaankatu 51, Lauritsala

Outdoor swimming pool (also during the winter)

  • In Myllysaari, about one kilometre from the harbour. Follow the signs for the hospital.

See opening hours of Myllysaari sauna and find the location with map search.

Cross-country skiing

Fed up waiting for buses or tired of walking to the university? Well you could always ski there! The chances are that many of you won't have that option in your home countries, but you can do it here in Lappeenranta. There are skiing tracks just a couple of hundred of metres from LUT.

Even if you prefer travelling by bus, we recommend that you try cross-country skiing at least once. There are several tracks in Lappeenranta and the surrounding area. Find them with map search or ask your Finnish friends to take you skiing in the woods or on frozen lakes.

Downhill skiing

The countryside around Lappeenranta is generally quite flat, which means that Lappeenranta does not offer many opportunities for downhill skiing. However, there is a small downhill skiing centre called Myllymäki in Joutseno (30 km from Lappeenranta), while the LUT downhill skiing club, LaSkin, organises trips to Lapland every winter, usually in November.

Skating and ice hockey

Never tried skating on ice? Well, put on your skates and test your balance. There are several outdoor skating rinks in Lappeenranta. Find them with map search.

Ice hockey games

Do you find the Finns a somewhat reserved and self-contained bunch? Then why not go and see an ice hockey game and maybe think again. You can sample the atmosphere in a local ice stadium called Kisapuisto, where the Lappeenranta-based team of SaiPa play in a national league.

Lappeenranta sports hall (Lappeenrannan urheilutalo)

Go to the local sports hall to cheer on the local basketball teams NMKY (men's league) and Catz (women's league) as well as the handball teams NST Miehet (men) and NST Naiset (women).

And don't forget the bowling alley next to the sports hall, where you can try your hand at glow bowling twice a week!

Kimpinen stadium at the Lappeenranta city center

See the world most popular sport football (soccer) games at beautiful outdoor stadium Kimpinen. Football club PEPO Lappeenranta plays their home games at Kimpinen during May - October each year.

Indoor football (soccer) hall Visma Areena in close to the University

New heated indoor football hall Visma Areena only a short distance from the University. There you find smooth artificial grass soccer field.