LUT Brussels Office


LUT Brussels Office is organising a Pre-midsummer event with Sustainable Energy feeling at Suomen Merimieskirkko (Rue Jacques de Lalaing 33, BE – 1040 Brussels, Belgium).

On Monday, the 17th of June 2019, at 17:00-21:00

Get a feel of Finnish Juhannus (midsummer) with view on sustainability with greetings from LUT researchers, enjoy the networking and Finnish flavours in food.

Kindly register to the event by the 10th of June 2019 via registering link.


LUT has strengthened its presence in Brussels by establishing an office there. The aim is to improve LUT's already existing networks and find new ones, increase the visibility of LUT in international level and along those, increase the external funding of LUT.

Dr Anne Vuorema acts as a LUT Brussels Representative and she will be in Brussels during the theme weeks and other events that are important for LUT's strategic areas.

LUT Brussels office became a member of UnILiON network, Universities Informal Liaison Offices Network in October 2018. Other LUT memberships in International Associations can be found here.

LUT Brussels Office attends several events per year in Brussels and elsewhere.

Coming up: June, 18-20 / EUSEW

Previous events:

In 2019:

In 2018:

  • November, 12-16 / EU Raw Materials Week
  • October, 22 / Bioeconomy conference -Sustainable & circular bioeconomy, the European way
  • October, 8 / Moonshots of the 2020s on Energy and Mobility. How to make the most of the missions of Horizon Europe?
  • October, 1-2 / MSCA 2018 Conference, Vienna
  • September, 17-18 /Vision2020 Energy and Climate Event
  • June, 25-26 / Biohorizon Societal Challenge 2 Info and Brokerage event
  • June, 11-12 /Vision2020 Food Helix Event at Brunel University
  • June, 4-8 / EUSEW Week
  • May, 21-25 / Green Week
  • April, 16-18 / EARMA Conference
  • March, 5-6 / Vision2020 Energy event
  • February, 22-23 / Second European Industry Day
  • February, 20 / Grids meet Renewables

In 2017:

  • September, 19-21 / SPIRE Process Industry Conference
  • October, 9-12 / European Week of Regions and Cities
  • October, 22-26 / Energy Info days
  • November, 6-12 / Raw Materials Week
  • November 14-17 / Societal Challenges 2 Info week
  • November, 23 / SPIRE General Assembly

Contact Us

Anne Vuorema
+358 50 569 8429

LUT office at the premises of
EK Brussels office on 172,
Avenue de Cortenbergh,
B-1000 Brussels.