LUT Brussels Pre-midsummer event with Sustainable Energy Feeling

EUSEW Energy Day

LUT Brussels Office organized a Pre-midsummer event with Sustainable Energy feeling at Suomen Merimieskirkko on Monday, the 17th of June 2019, at 17:00-21:00.

Greetings from LUT researchers

Professor Christian Breyer and Professor Jero Ahola sent their regards via video unfortunately they couldn't be present in person. Professor Ahola had at the same time his own Energy day event Power to X Systems meets Neo-Carbon Energy in Lappeenranta. Professor Breyer attended EUSEW later in the session Challenges in pathways towards a 100% renewable energy system.

Post Doctoral Researcher Anna Kuokkanen from LUT Sustainability Change group presented their group and especially their project CitiCAP. Dr Kuokkanen has expertise in environmental management and economics, including development of personal carbon trade, and sustainability system transitions mechanisms.

There were also short introductions to:

Post Doctoral Researcher Gonçalo Mendes is involved with both the LUT School of Energy Systems and the DIGI-USER multi-disciplinary research platform. He's particularly interested in the business models that allocate value to that flexibility, as well as in regulatory and policy aspects that may drive it and enable it.

Post Doctoral Researcher Evgenia Vanadzina from the Laboratory of Electricity Market and Power Systems, LUT University, specializes in energy market and policy research. She is currently working for Fusion Grid project, developing energy markets and business models for electrification of rural Sub-Saharan Africa.


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