CDMC – Carelian Drives and Motor Centre

Carelian Drives and Motor Centre (CDMC) was founded in 1988 together by ABB and the LUT Department of Electrical Engineering and functions in cooperation with the latter as a centre of excellence.

The centre's key objectives and operations focus on sustained, demanding research and development of electrical machines and drives and of energy efficiency. In its operations, the centre makes use of the well-equipped laboratories of LUT.

CDMC investigates demanding problems in the field of electrical drives requiring a scientific approach and transfers its research results to ABB for further processing. Many of ABB's global products include technology based on CDMC's research results. Moreover, the researchers produce diploma works, theses and dissertations of great interest to the scientific community in the field.

In the centre, some ten researchers are usually completing their master's theses and dissertations. The Research Director of CDMC is Senior Researcher, D.Sc. (Tech) Markku Niemelä, and the Head of the Centre is Professor (Electrical Drives Technology) Juha Pyrhönen, who represents Laboratory of Electrical Drives Technology at CDMC.

So far, 16 doctoral dissertations have been published in CDMC. In addition, a large proportion of the Master's theses completed in the Laboratory of Electrical Drives Technology in conjunction with ABB are prepared at CDMC.

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