Become a CEID member

CEID welcomes all companies interested in computational engineering and integrated design to join the centre.

CEID membership will enable your company to follow modelling and simulation research conducted in LUT laboratories and CEID research groups. Thus your company can participate in the latest advancements in the field.

Membership offers your company the following benefits:

  • A consultancy day for brainstorming and problem solving once a year.

  • Real-life modelling problems from member companies to be worked with students in modelling courses.

  • Latest information in the field and CEID's international networks will be made available to you.

  • Easy access to get in touch with diploma candidates and doctoral thesis projects. At the same time, an easy recruiting channel for future employees.

  • As a member, you are entitled to receive invitations to all CEID events.

  • Your company's logo will be added on the CEID web pages and in presentation materials.

CEID membership fees

  • € 500 for enterprises with fewer than 10 employees.

  • € 1000 for enterprises with 10-50 employees.

  • € 1500 for enterprises with more than 50 employees.

Please contact Associate Professor Joonas Sorvari, the director of the centre, for further information on the benefits of the membership and how to join CEID.

Welcome to an active society for computational sciences!

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