Conferment Officials

Master of ceremonies
Responsible for the progress of the festivities. Red sash.

Head marshal
Supervises the marshals assisting in the conferment festivities. Blue sash.

Assist the master of ceremonies and the head marshal in the festivities. Marshals wear a blue-and-white sash and a student cap.

Honorary doctor
An honorary doctorate is a title awarded by the university as a tribute to an especially accomplished person who does not necessarily have a doctoral degree. An honorary doctorate may be granted in order to attract top Finnish or international researchers or other highly accomplished persons into the university community. In fact, honorary doctors have often had close ties to the university even before the awarding of the title.

Young doctor
A person who defended his or her dissertation at the university and completed the postgraduate degree of Doctor of Science in Technology or Economics and Business Administration or Doctor of Philosophy.

Doctor Primus/Prima
The dissertation and postgraduate studies of the doctor primus have been completed with distinction.

Conferment ceremony
The main event, the actual conferment of doctoral degrees. In addition to the conferment of degrees, the event includes speeches and music.

Conferrer of degrees
The person who presents the doctoral regalia − the hat and sword. Each scientific discipline at the university (technology, business and philosophy) has its own conferrer.

Recipient of the doctoral degree.

Conferment cantata
A cantata composed specifically for the conferment ceremony may be performed. The cantata of Lappeenranta University of Technology entitled Olet tullut rajalle has been composed by Ilkka Kuusisto, and the lyrics are by Lassi Nummi.

Conferment Committee
The chair of the conferment committee is vice rector Jaana Sandström and secretary is Kaija Napari. The members of the committee are Professor Timo Kärri, Professor Asta Salmi and Doctoral Student Niko Nevaranta.  The committee also includes Study Secretary Marja Heimonen, Secretary Eva Kekki and Event Producer Lea Lonka.

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