Growth for Companies

LUT supports the growth and globalization of new and already operating companies and offers a competitive and innovative operational environment.

LUT is a Finnish pioneer in the commercialization of research results and in the establishment of start-ups. LUT's research and innovation services provide help for everything from advance novelty research up to the establishment of a business and fundraising.

Commercialization of research results

IRIS (Innovations through Research and Innovations with SMEs) promotes LUT's expertise in the commercialization of research results. The clear operational model created by LUT helps to transform research results into sound commercial business activities, from submitting a notification about an invention up to the establishment of a company.

Capital investment foundation

LUT's own capital investment foundation, Green Campus Innovations, is specialized in financing spin-off companies with a research background.


LUT's expert services will provide support for your company also after its establishment, for example in globalization with the help of the IEC (International Entrepreneurship Challenge) programme.