Cities of cooperation


Our close education collaboration with the City of Lappeenranta covers a wide range of age groups. Annually, we reach approximately 400 children in early childhood education, 2100 students in basic education, 200 teachers and 1000 upper secondary school students. The activity is continuous and incorporated into the municipal curricula for early childhood education and basic and upper secondary education. The Junior University path to LUT University is also an important part of the Lappeenranta's strategy.

The Junior University programme's activities support the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education (transversal competence, integrative instruction and multidisciplinary learning). The long-term goal is to build a unique combination of learning and teaching at a national level that strengthens student interest in mathematical and natural sciences and technology (STEAM) and provides students with comprehensive access to university education, thus promoting educational equality.

Lappeenranta is known as Finland's Climate Capital. We believe that children spread know-how about sustainable development to their families, making the city more sustainable each year.

Who, what, how?

Early childhood education
Themes: clean energy, clean water, circular economy
Teaching and research material for early childhood education units and training for teachers

3rd grade
Themes: clean energy, circular economy
Theme days at schools, teaching material and training for teachers

5th grade
Themes: sustainable business and entrepreneurship
Teaching material and training for teachers, theme day at LUT

8th grade
Themes: clean energy, sustainable living
Multidisciplinary module including workshops at LUT
Involves LUT University's degree programmes and partners in cooperation:

  •     Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto waste management company
  •     Lappeenranta region environment office
  •     City of Lappeenranta Land Use and Planning
  •     Greenreality network companies Electroway and Proheat
  •     Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation LOAS


Our cooperation with the City of Imatra encompasses all eighth graders − roughly 270 annually. The multidisciplinary eighth grade learning module deals with the living environment of the future. Students attend thematic workshops at LUT during the autumn semester. The workshops are arranged by LUT University's degree programmes, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and our partners in cooperation:

  •     Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto waste management company
  •     Imatran vesi water utility
  •     Imatran Lämpö heating company
  •     Imatran kaupunkikehitys urban development services
  •     Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja building management company

The collaboration will start in November 2019.


The City of Lahti and universities that have branched out to Lahti have a long tradition of cooperation and joint events. The LUT Junior University aims to establish collaboration in Lahti by developing and expanding existing forms of cooperation to cover entire age groups from early childhood education to upper secondary education. The planning of the collaboration has started in 2019. The related collaborative activities will be included in the curricula of local schools.

Lahti has received the European Green Capital award for 2021. The collaboration between LUT University and Lahti will revolve around LUT's strategic focus areas and Green Capital themes.

The Junior University operating model is being planned in cooperation with the City of Lahti, the University of Helsinki, the Lahti University Campus, and the LUMA Centre Päijänne Tavastia.

The aim is to pilot the model in 2020.