Would you like to participate in supporting a sustainable world?

LUT constructs wellbeing, and the results of its expertise are transferred for the use of industry and society.

Our scientific research on technology and economics combines sustainable thinking with competitiveness and Russian expertise. Agile focusing makes top international research possible.

LUT leaves a knowledge footprint on the surrounding society. We operate together boldly across science and other interfaces to achieve real breakthroughs. Among other things, our aim is to provide solutions for challenges related to energy, the environment and the economy.

By supporting LUT, you are helping us in this work.

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Donation by bank transfer

Recipient: LUT University
Account number: OKOYFIHH, FI69 5620 0920 2441 74
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The collected funds will accumulate as capital for the LUT University. The return on invested capital will be allocated to support research and education in accordance with the university strategy.

Other forms of support

The activity of the university, such as scientific research, can also be supported by making a donation of one's choice. The donation may, for example, be made in the form of a foundation in the name of the person making the donation or bequest. The university may also be supported by, for instance, donating a professorship or collaboration in research.

Additional information
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