Elektroniikan suunnittelukeskus

"From an idea to a prototype"

LUT Voima's electronics design and manufacture services are better known as ESK. We provide the competence needed in electronics research and product development within the university as well as for clients outside the university.

In addition, we complete commissions from repair work all the way up to long-term design and product development projects.

We manage circuit design, simulation, circuit board design, testing and embedded software, not only from the viewpoint of individual prototypes, but also products intended for production.

The prototype process has been developed to support swift, flexible and reliable activities. We manufacture 2-layer circuit boards primarily by milling, and the multilayer circuit boards as well as the circuit boards included in the client's products are ordered from commercial suppliers. We create mechanical models of the circuit boards if needed.

Surface mount components are soldered in a vapour phase oven and feed-through installations are made manually. Component changing work and ball-attaching BGA components are also part of the routines of the prototype work. Bonding is also among the services we provide. Soldering has also been realised in accordance with the spacecraft soldering standards of the ESA.

Small series are manufactured for our clients in our laboratory, and small and medium-sized production series can also be arranged.

We use the Beckhoff and LabVIEW components in the production of control systems for research equipment.

Daily life problems in prototype production and product development as well as finding new solutions to these issues are a part of our everyday operations.

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LUT Voima
Manager Markku Niemelä
p. +358 40 516 5964