Open Access publishing

Open access (OA) means free online access to research articles. There are journals that are fully open to everyone without any subscription or publishing fees. These kind of publication channels are often called "gold open access" channels.

Parallel publishing (or self-archiving) is one form of open access publishing. Parallel publishing means that researchers publish their work also in an open digital repository of their own university (LUTPub). Articles published in printed, subscription-based scientific journals can usually be published also in open digital repositories with terms and conditions set by the publisher. This means same than the term "green open access".

One form of open access publishing is to publish in an open access journal which charges processing fees. This is usually called "hybrid open access".

Several research funders have started to demand open access publishing. For example all projects receiving Horizon 2020 funding have to publish all their peer reviewed journal articles open access. The Academy of Finland requires that all research work done with public funding should be published in open access repositories like LUTPub.

Publisher's permission is required for parallel publishing. Usually publishers allow parallel publishing. Researcher can check publisher's policy easily from Sherpa/RoMEO –service. Also publishers' webpages can contain information about their policies.

Open access publishing in LUT:

  • Researchers will publish their articles in that scientific forum which is best for the university and for the researcher´s own career.
  • University is recommending that all research articles should also be published in LUTPub Repository
  • If it is essential to publish an article in an Open Access journal which has article processing charges these fees should be included in the research budget. LibGuide of APC's.
  • Research publications should be available open access as soon as possible. According to European Commission research articles should be openly available latest 6 months from publishing (or 12 months in humanistic and  social sciences).
  • Bachelor theses, Master theses, Pro gradu theses and dissertations are already published in LUTPub Repository. Academic library guides researchers in open access publishing and offers training.
  • Open Science is included in the syllabus of LUT Doctoral School.


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