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We support working together in all our activities. Our management is based on values by which we operate in a financially responsible and fair manner. Our values are:

  • Courage to succeed
  • Passion for innovation through science
  • Will to build well-beig

We support the maintenance and development of expertise for all of our employees.

Conduct research and make a difference

If you want to fully commit to conducting research in your field, LUT can offer you a flexible tenure track career and the opportunity to advance to a full professorship. The University commits to a researcher's advancement in stages, provided that the researcher succeeds in the LUT performance evaluation system. An open international application process is applied to all levels of tenure track positions.

More information on tenure track

Educate problem solvers

For instruction in technology and business fields, LUT recruits experts possessing both solid scientific expertise and educational expertise. This is ensured in the recruitment of teaching staff by means of either a teaching portfolio attached to the application for employment or another record of teaching credentials. For many Professor positions, candidates provide a teaching demonstration of their field, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

LUT guidelines for teaching portfolio

Key support tasks of support services

In the recruitment for University support services positions, in addition to professional expertise, open-mindedness and the courage to find new types of solutions are important characteristics we look for in candidates. Knowledge that crosses boundaries, a focus on solutions, and the ability to cooperate with diverse people are also attributes that we value in our employees.

We offer you:

  • Employment on a green campus on Lake Saimaa
  • Good public transportation connections straight to the university's main door
  • Modern occupational health care, either on campus or in the city centre
  • A variety of independently-run restaurants (workplace catering) on and near the campus
  • On-campus massage therapist services for relaxation
  • Happiness through Health -activities for wellbeing at work
  • The opportunity to use worktime for your own studies (two 45-minute lessons per week)
  • The opportunity to balance work and family life well
  • Challenging and diverse work tasks in an international, youthful work community

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