Ethical Code of Conduct

LUT's ethical code of conduct describes how the university ensures the ethical and responsible conduct of the university and its staff under the power and influence of its decisions.

Responsible behaviour refers to social, environmental and human resources, in addition to social responsibility and financial liability with respect to all stakeholders of the university, as well as the surrounding community.

The intention of the ethical code of conduct is to ensure a level playing field for all members of the academic community and a clear basis for action in circumstances where the university and its staff are under particular ethical expectations.

The principles are based on law, national and international regulations and agreements, human and fundamental labour rights, as well as a high level of social and academic ethics. In addition, the university has its own internal rules that we follow.

We point out that the university's principles are regulated through national legislation and international agreements, in addition to high standard and up-to-date academic, social, and business ethics, regardless of other players or on-going familiar practises.

The University Senate is responsible for the verification, updating and oversight of the principles. The code of conduct applies to all the staff of the university.

Code of Conduct (pdf-file)

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