Current issues

The strength of Green Campus and LUT is in our strategic agility in addition to the way we work together. Every single member of our university community is an important part of the whole. We will respond to future challenges by working together with our academic and business partners.

Recycling of nutrients is the key to saving the Earth

An energy-saving pump is set to provide clean water in Pien-Saimaa

Curbing the urban emissions with a hybrid bus

The CAMBUS hybrid bus under construction at LUT is just about ready for research use. One can expect to see the bus in real urban traffic in a few years. The vehicle was built in co-operation with the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and the Saimaa Vocational College Sampo.

LUT eats organic confectionery

Sodexo, which provides the Lappeenranta University of Technology with restaurant services, has started using only organic flour in its baking.

LUT reduces its electric consumption in April

LUT's Green Campus activities and the implementation of the environmental programme are starting to produce positive results.

Developing cleantech markets is a common target for LUT and WWF

"Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT promotes the same issues as my organisation WWF. Our objectives include developing cleantech competence and markets in Finland," says Liisa Rohweder, Secretary General of WWF Finland. She continues by explaining that this is one of the reasons why she became a member of the LUT University Senate.

Row, row, row your boat - book a rowboat for a day

LUT's Green Campus now owns a rowboat. It can be booked by staff members or students for one day at a time until early October, provided that weather conditions are favorable.

Green Campus now produces honey

At the Green Campus of the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), people are waiting for the first batch of self-produced honey.

We are winners - LUT was number one in an international ISCN competition

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has won the Campus category in the global competition for Sustainable Campus Excellence Award. The competition was held in four different categories: Buildings, Campus, Integration and Student Leadership.

Staff and students contribute to the new environmental management system

The university is in the process of building an environmental management system in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard. The work will start by charting environmental aspects.

Pioneer in energy efficiency

LUT aims to be a trail-blazer in energy efficiency. This long-term challenge has been addressed in cooperation with University Properties of Finland Ltd., which rents out facilities to LUT.

Spring tune-up for bikes free of charge for staff members

Spring is here and it's time to start cycling to work to promote your health and well-being. In the spirit of the Green Campus, the university is offering to service the bicycles of its staff members.

New minor subject in Sustainability for all faculties 

LUT's 2013-2014 study guides in Finnish and English will include a new minor subject entitled Sustainability. The minor subject will be targeted for third-year Bachelor's students and Master's students in all degree programmes. The module will be coordinated by the Degree Programme in Environmental Technology.

Green Campus becomes part of the International Sustainable Campus Network

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has joined the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN).

Secretary General Liisa Rohweder of WWF Finland to join LUT board

The term of the new LUT board will start on 1 January 2014. One of the three new external board members is Secretary General Liisa Rohweder of WWF Finland. Rohweder comments on her election:

"Why I am interested in LUT: its goal is to be a pioneer in renewable energy technology and its commercialisation and thus create a competitive edge and export opportunities for Finland. It is a great goal and I wish to work towards it."

Amount of biowaste to be monitored at the main restaurant

The LUT main restaurant will begin monitoring the amount of biowaste generated on a daily basis. The monitoring will be implemented in cooperation with the provider of the restaurant services, Sodexo Oy.

LUT is part of the ridesharing network

LUT has joined the nationwide ridesharing network. The on-line service helps organise and arrange the sharing of rides, while allowing users to save on driving and travel expenses. LUT hopes to encourage students and staff to reduce the amount of time spent driving alone and to use carpooling as a way of increasing the use of public transportation.