Environmental management system

Taking the environment into consideration and the promotion of sustainability guide LUT's strategic choices and management. The university supports its pursuit of environmental responsibility with an environmental management system. The system creates a framework for the long-term development of environmental actions.

The environmental system includes LUT's environmental policy, according to which LUT pursues sustainability with a global impact by focusing on research that fosters the well-being of the environment and by educating academic experts and decision-makers with a sustainable mindset. In our environmental policy, we also commit to upholding and developing the environmental know-how of the university community and its external stakeholders.

The three key aspects of our environmental management system are:

  •     Scientific research and academic education
  •     Energy, natural resources, waste, and transportation
  •     Collaboration in environmental issues with stakeholders

The environmental management system is implemented on the Green Campus

Every key aspect involves concrete goals in LUT University's environmental management programme to improve the environment. To achieve the goals, we implement actions that strengthen our positive environmental impact and minimise the university's environmental load.

Our Green Campus helps us to attain our environmental and sustainability goals through innovative, cross-disciplinary research and education. LUT University launched the Green Campus concept in Lappeenranta in 2011.

LUT monitors the achievement of its environmental goals and assesses the impact of its sustainability actions. The aim is the continuous improvement of responsibility and environmental protection. The results of the monitoring are published regularly in the university's sustainability report.