Frequently Asked Questions

You can send questions and feedback to Green Campus via the feedback form. We will publish frequently asked questions on this page.

Why has the university built carports equipped with solar panels?

The objective of the project is to pilot installing solar panels in carports and using solar panels as roofing. We also wanted to verify that it is possible to use the wasted space in parking areas for energy production. In many cases, it is not possible to install solar power equipment on roofs. Solar panels are an excellent choice for shopping centres and public buildings due to the times of peak consumption and the timing of the best output.

How much energy do the campus elevators consume?

The new elevators manufactured by Kone are extremely energy efficient. Meters will be installed in some of the university elevators next year so that the exact consumption can be measured. The consumption figures will be made available on the Green Campus website.

Why are university computers on all day and all night even during summer?

Some of the computers are used for scientific calculations. These computers are never switched off. In the future, any computers that are not needed in these calculations will be put in standby mode using a centralised process. LUT data administration will be responsible for implementation.

Why is lighting sometimes left on unnecessarily on campus?

LUT operates in rented facilities and the lessor, Suomen Yliopiskiinteistöt Oy (SYK Oy), is responsible for lighting maintenance. However, we have renewed lighting and lighting control in collaboration with SYK Oy. Some of the corridors are now equipped with LED lighting and other forms of lighting that use less energy. The new P6 parking area is also equipped with LED lighting.

Motion light sensors are currently being added to campus toilets, and lobbies and other public spaces are being equipped with lux meters. The grouping of lights is also being improved in these spaces. If you notice any unnecessary use of lighting, please notify the lessor via the service request system for building maintenance and cleaning. Instructions are available on the LUT intranet.

Why are there disposable cups in some of the toilets?

The disposable cups will be removed in the near future.

How does the university contribute to minimising the number of printouts?

Employment contracts are the only signed documents that have to be printed and signed by hand. The university has decided that an email signature is sufficient. Two-sided printing has been set as the default printing setting and the number of personal printers has been minimised. Electronic materials are favoured in teaching.

Why are the campus streetlights sometimes on in the daytime?

The city is responsible for the campus streetlights and the maintenance of roads and footpaths. The city has been informed of the lighting issue and the needs for road maintenance.

Should students have the opportunity to grow plants, such as apple trees?

Yes. Apple trees are being considered. The Green Campus team is currently pondering on the best way of going about the project.

Why are the university's information screens on 24/7?

The information screens will be equipped with timers in the near future.

Why is it too cold or too hot at the university?

SYK Oy is responsible for temperature control, motion sensors and toilet fittings. We have informed them of the matter. Maintenance requests can be sent directly to SYK via the service request system available on the intranet.

Why is the signage at waste disposal points so bad?

The university's waste disposal instructions are available on the intranet at . The instructions are available to students and staff members alike. The recycling points located across the campus will also be equipped with illustrated signage.

Are transparencies used more than once?

Yes. Transparencies are washed and used several times.

Why are there too few/many parking spaces on campus?

The traffic arrangements of the campus area are currently being considered in collaboration with SYK Oy and the City of Lappeenranta. New opportunities concerning the use of public transport are also being looked into.

Why does the university not have a greater number of campus bicycles that people could borrow?

The acquisition of bicycles has been added to the agenda of the university's environmental management system. More campus bicycles will possibly be acquired in the spring of 2014.

Why does the university not produce a greater portion of the energy it needs?

The university plans to improve its self-sufficiency in energy production. The use of renewable energy will be increased in connection with the renovation of building 1 that will begin in 2015 and the construction of the new university building. The final implementation is still being planned and will be specified as the planning progresses. A system for presenting production figures is also in the making.

Why does the wind turbine stop during power failures?

The Green Campus wind turbine requires wind speeds greater than 3 m/s. If wind speeds remain below this level, the turbine does not rotate at all. If wind speeds are higher than 20 m/s, the turbine is stopped and the blades are turned out of the wind. In other words, the turbine rotates and produces electricity when wind speeds are between 3 and 20 m/s.

When there is a voltage drop in the power grid indicating a power failure, a safety relay stops the energy production of the turbine. In fault situations, the safety relay detects the fault in the grid, reports the fault and protects both devices and people. The use of safety relays is based on safety requirements: micro-production equipment (solar power plants, wind turbines etc.) must be prevented from feeding electricity into the grid when grid repair or maintenance work is being performed.

Why do the university's promotional gifts not comply with the spirit of Green Campus?

In recent years, we have oriented our product selection towards the LUT brand and chosen products made of recycled materials promoting the 'Open your mind' theme. As part of our new environmental management system, we will pay more attention to the environmental aspects of acquisitions in the future. This will be one of our environmental goals. Our selection of LUT promotional gifts can be found in LUT Shop: