Electric transportation

Electric transportation is being developed and studied on the LUT Green Campus in many ways.Green Campus colours are currently being used on one hybrid car and one fully-electric car as well as electric bikes for the use of students and staff. There is also a prototype for a completely new hybrid bus to be used for public transport, CAMBUS, under construction in a collaborative project involving three educational institutions in Lappeenranta. In the future, the new electric bus could provide a green link between LUT and the Lappeenranta city centre.

The electric transportation brings our expertise in green energy and technology a visible part of the urban everyday life and it promotes the region's economic and technological development and the sustainable well-being. Both cars and bicycles are already visible in the city traffic, and in the future, the traffic will also be complemented by the hybrid bus. The results can be exploited by educational institutions, various companies and the entire sub-region.