LUT reduces its electric consumption in April

LUT's Green Campus activities and the implementation of the environmental programme are starting to produce positive results.

"The positive downward trend continues in electricity consumption. In April, LUT purchased 10% less electricity than the previous year. A little over 3% of the electricity was produced at the university, so the actual electricity consumption is 7% lower than the previous year," explains Marko Kasurinen, Development Manager, in reference to the new figures.

"In our environmental programme, we are committed to reducing the university's overall consumption of electricity by 10% by the end of 2015 compared to its 2012 level. On the other hand, we also aim to produce at least 5% of the electricity consumed by 2020 using renewable energy forms," reminds Kati Koikkalainen, Environmental Manager at LUT, regarding the university's commitments.

With respect to the renewable energy, a further goal is that all purchased electricity will be produced with renewable energy forms by the end of 2015.

The key environmental aspects at LUT have been identified as:

  • energy
  • natural resource use and waste
  • the impact of research and teaching on society
  • traffic