Staff and students contribute to the new environmental management system

The university is in the process of building an environmental management system in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard. The work will start by charting environmental aspects.

The views and ideas of staff and students on the university's environmental impact will be taken into account. Issues raised will be included in the system.

Students have had the opportunity to respond to an online survey. Its questions also concerned environmental issues which the students could currently affect.

The survey opened on Wednesday, April 10th, and a link to it was sent to all attending LUT students (undergraduate, international and postgraduate). The survey was closed on April 17th and it attracted 167 responses. In connection with the survey, students could sign up for workshops dealing with the ideas and results of the survey. A total of three workshops will be arranged in April, two of which will be in English. The number of students who have signed up is 24.

A similar survey will be conducted among staff members in late April and early May, and workshops will be arranged in mid-May. In addition, interviews will be conducted with administration and different units, and site visits will be made to LUT's laboratory facilities.

A separate workshop will be arranged for the university's administration. Its aim is to decide which environmental aspects emerging from the surveys, workshops, interviews and site visits are the most important ones.

These top environmental aspects will be applied to formulate LUT's environmental objectives, prepare a preliminary environmental programme and establish LUT's environmental policy. Targets will be set for the objectives, practical measures will be planned and suitable indicators chosen to monitor the achievement of the targets.

Environmental Manager Kati Koikkalainen is responsible for the development of the system, which is meant to be certified in spring 2014.