Row, row, row your boat - book a rowboat for a day

LUT's Green Campus now owns a rowboat. It can be booked by staff members or students for one day at a time until early October, provided that weather conditions are favorable.

The boat is located in the Skinnarila boat harbor, just outside the campus main building.

Making Saimaa accessible to staff and students

The idea for the rowboat came from Professor Kirsimarja Blomqvist from the School of Business. She came up with the development idea on a conference trip to Ireland:

I got the idea in an EAIE conference in Dublin in September 2012 when we were marketing LUT and our summer school to administrative personnel in the field of international student exchange. I also boasted about our location by Lake Saimaa. I then heard that students in a summer school program in the University of Kiel had loved the opportunity to go sailing. I immediately called the Green Campus Project Director, Professor Juha Varis and suggested that the Green Campus purchase its own boat.

During the summer, the rowboat was available to the roughly 150 international students in the LUT Summer School. According to the Summer School Coordinator Veronika Kojo, experiences of the boat were positive.

The purpose of the boat was to highlight LUT's excellent location by providing international students the possibility to row on the lake. The students took advantage of this opportunity very eagerly. Based on word-of-mouth, everyone loved the idea. I don't think many universities offer this opportunity.

The university is currently exploring possibilities to use the boat for research purposes, such as solar panel technology research. For example, student projects could involve the product development of solar panels or an electric motor.

Additional Information

Green Campus Project Manager Marko Kasurinen, tel 040 683 1488,

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