Pioneer in energy efficiency

LUT aims to be a trail-blazer in energy efficiency. Climate-related aspects will be incorporated into LUT's regular activity through a new environmental management system, which is currently being built. This long-term challenge has been addressed in cooperation with University Properties of Finland Ltd., which rents out facilities to LUT.

According to Property Manager Harri Lumme, LUT, energy efficiency has been improved e.g. in connection with the renovation of Building 2 by adding thicker insulation and changing the windows. In addition, the lighting fixtures and their control have been completely redone – LEDs and other lighting solutions with low energy consumption are used in the hallways. The new parking lot P6 was directly equipped with LEDs.

The university is adding motion detectors to bathrooms and hallways. In other public areas, brightness sensors will be installed and the positioning of the lighting fixtures will be improved.

Efficient ventilation

The most significant renovation currently under way focuses on ventilation and building automation systems in Building 3. In addition, University Properties of Finland and Facility Services have adjusted the ventilation on the entire campus to maintain an optimal temperature and reduce the loss of heat and electricity.

Lumme says:
University Properties of Finland is currently switching the motors if air handling units to newer models. In the summer, the doors to the larger halls in the building will be replaced to minimise heat consumption. Ventilation is the most important factor in energy consumption, which is why it is important to optimise its controls. The main goals are the comfort and functionality of the facilities.