International Entrepreneurship Challenge

The International Entrepreneurship Challenge (IEC) Programme provides organizations (new ventures and corporate new ventures) in Finland with the opportunity to engage a team of MSc students in their final year of study at the LUT School of Business.

Now in its 14th year, IEC has paired over 550 students with dozen of companies in Finland.These students work with key members of the organization to address strategic business issues and to develop a comprehensible and independent plan for internationalization. The tailor-made plan provides specific recommendations for the each participating company.

Important dead-lines and how to apply

Application deadline for the 2019 programme is 31.5.2019. The programme runs between September and November 2019 with companies having international growth plans.

Please fill the application form (access via the link provided under "application form").

For more information contact:

Contact us

For further information concerning the IEC programme, and application process please contact:



Professor Olli Kuivalainen
Phone: +358 403587020

Associate Professor Lasse Torkkeli
Phone: +358 403591740

Junior Researcher Agnes Asemokha
Phone: +358 442050947

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